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Windows Live writer is one software which I'm definitely missing in Linux. Its a simple and cute tool to use. You can format your text in the editor; immediately switch to see a web preview; if it needs further tweaking, switch to the html mode and continue editing, etc. All this you can do it offline. This is especially helpful when are at home and there is a power cut. Can't connect to net, but still can write blogs offline in my laptop. I'm currently evaluating few blog editors for Linux, none of them seems to be fine. I'll post reviews of each editor and a final verdict on them later.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Welcome to the Linux world. This is only the first software that you are missing in Linux. There are plenty to come :-)

    Again, it will be a little harsh on our part to compare applications from behemoths like MS/Oracle to apps written by developers during their free time. My observation is that most Linux/GNU applications are just plain vanilla apps without all the bells and whistles. They help you get the job done most of the time, thats it. You always feel like you are working on a strip down version of its Windows/OS X couterpart.

    Unless an Open Source application is backed by a big organization, the end product turns out to be amateurish and lacking in fit and finish. Good examples of Corporate backed applications are: Mozilla and its derivatives by AOL/OpenOffice 2 by Sun/F-Spot by Novell/MySQL etc., There are also a few exceptions like Apache/Amorak/Gimp which are community backed, but then there are only a handful of them. I think the GNU desktop environments have a long.. long ... way to go, before they can be comfortably used by non-techies too.

    Having said that, you may want to try "performancing" for your blogging needs. It is a FF extension, so should work on your Linux installation. And keep that Windows partition handy. You dont know when you will need it :-)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I've already removed the windows partition. So if something goes wrong, I've to reformat and install everything :-/

    And I've added performacing to my eval list