Google Reader

The earlier UI of Google Reader was not usable at all. Now this version is little better. Still there could be more improvements:


  • The subscribed blogs are shown in the left pane in the tree view. It would be really nice if items could be drag-n-dropable
  • The Manage Subscriptions page is another mess. By default it shows all the subscribed feeds. No one is going to pay attention if more than 20 items are listed. And I've around 100 feeds! Scrolling also becomes slower with more items
  • I thought there should be some way to search for tags I want to manage. The search button was hiding in right corner. When you have all the items displayed, it better be in a better visible place
  • When you click "Add Star", there is a visual indication on the star and the text becomes "Remove Star". Same for "Share" and "Add Tags". But when I clicked "Mark as read" nothing happened. The text didn't change and there was no visual clue. It took me some time to realize that there was a visual clue. The box right before the text is a check box and there is a tick box. First the box itself very small and the tick happens to be in the same dull gray color. The UI should be consistent - it would be better if the text changes to "Mark as unread" and the tick mark appears in a brighter color as in other things
  • When you add a feed thru Firefox, first it asks for whether to add it to Google Personalized home page or to Reader. It asks for everytime. There could be a preference for "add to this by default" or similar
  • The feeds added from Firefox always gets added to the root. There should be a way to put it under a folder while adding.
  • The Feed Settings Menu has just one item - UnSubscribe. May be they have plans to add more items, but for undelete, how about a Thrash Can symbol under the tree and items and the items drag-n-dropped into it will get deleted?
  • The sharing is little weird. Instead of some number based URL, they should do a think of something else. BTW, try this URL:
  • I was doing some thing and suddenly the left panel disappeared. I didn't know how to bring it back. No button to restore. I closed the tab and opened reader in a new tab and discovered that I've accidentally pressed 'u', which happens to be the shortcut for Full screen view. I'm a great lover of keyboard shortcuts, but there should be a way to use the mouse and switch between the normal and Full Screen views.

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