Indian Railways ...

Today I was booking my tickets to Chennai in the IRCTC website. When I was about to click the "Pay Now" button there was small link saying "Click here to see the performance of the Payment Gateways". I was puzzled what the heck is that. I clicked and an XL file got dowloaded. It said how much money has been transacted thru each payment gateway last month. The total amount that IRCTC has received was 2491585261. Yes that little less than 250 crores!!! Infact the banks also benefit hugely by this. The charges for each payment gateway is a minimum of Rs 10 (for a debit card) or 1.85% (credit card). Here is the comparision chart. Calculate how much money they make!

The yearly total would be around 3,000 crores and they don't even care to give a nice looking feature rich website. Someone got to tell Lalooji that if they have a proper functioning website, they can even make more money and less crowd in the reservation counters.

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