I’ve decided…

Yesterday I was speaking with my friend whose is thinking of getting a new car. He asked me, if I were to buy a car, which car will I decide. Nice question. Me making a decision?

Well, when was the last time I made a decision by myself? I digged into my memories and finally found it out. It was a nice evening and I was in Chennai. I was sitting in the balcony and was thinking "Should I marry or not". I decided to get married. Thats it. After that I don't decide much. Initially it was something like this:

He : Wow, what a nice shirt? I'm going to buy that.
She: What? A black shirt. No that will not fit you da. Let us look for something else

Read the "Let us" as "I will". For the first few times it was little tough. After that I got used to that. Now its more or less like this:

(While driving)
He : Shall I take right and go thru Old Madras Road or turn left and go thru Airport Road
She: Thru Airport Road.

(Over a phone)
He : Hey She. What are you doing?
She: Cooking. Why?
He : illa, I've a small doubt. I need to name a variable. Which one sounds better? "isSynchronized" or "isInSync".
She: Try "isSynced"

See, making decisions is no more my job. Its been delegated to her. Now, my friends ask me about which Car will I decide. Poor bachelor. He doesn't have the comfort of having someone else do all the thinking and making decision. He has to do it by himself. I pity him.

In another two days, both chinna ammani and peria ammani are coming. Expect more He-She coming up ;-)

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யாருப்பா அது?

When I was wondering about this, I get to see this also. :-(

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Bravo, SEC

The Securities and Exchange Commission of US has done a brave move, which is to be welcomed by every e-mail user. Confused? Read this. It takes lot of guts to take this decision. These kind of decisions will definitely reduce spam mails. What next? Ban the sites that sell the software at "unimaginable cost"? Ban the pharmacies which sells the viagara and "increase my length"? Ban the banks which "approved loans"?

For me above all, I'm willing to donate my

  • 3yr old PC loaded with Ubuntu

  • my Adidas T Shirt that I bought with 50% flat discount

  • my Project Manager

all to Google, if they can freeze the email ids of persons who forwarded me the great "Vijaya T. Rajender & Mumtaj in Veerasamy" photo.

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February Flowers

Mayflowers trees (aka Fire of the Forest) are beautiful during the month of May. The tree will have very few leaves and will be full of those red flowers. Other months those are simply just an other tree.

February Flowers falls in the same category. There were lot of these trees in Bangalore and till Jan I didn't knew about them. In the past few weeks, they have become beautiful and got my attention. They are in different colors. Yellow, Blue, Pink, etc. Mayflowers at least have few leaves, but these trees are full of flowers. Raja has taken some snaps of these flowers.

Check this, this and this.

BTW, does anyone know the real name of these flowers? I didn't know the real name, so I call these February Flowers :-)

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Happened to see a nice video in youtube. Check it out:

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