Mozilla Prism

It looks promising. Offline web apps are becoming more and more popular and Firefox is making a right move towards it. I'll be writing a complete review soon, but for now, you can click here.

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Priceless Expressions - 5

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Even though I like Rajini movies, I'm not a big fan of him. But this post is dedicated to his fans :-)

படம் உபயம் இட்லி வடை.

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Saraswathi Pooja Special!

Thanks to Vichu for the forward :-)

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Cricket Fever !

Back in college days, the simplest way to talk to a stranger is take a cigarette in hand and ask "do you have a match stick". No matter which department the other guy is, or which batch he belongs to, you can get the talk going. I think I found another simpler way now. Cricket.

Sitting inside the Bangalore Airport I see that how everyone is obsessed with Cricket. Everyone, I mean EVERYONE, are watching the TV. The passengers, the shop keepers, the security guards, attendants - everyone. They all chat with there as if they were friends for a long time. The passenger who was standing next to me asking the security guard at the security counter: "what is the score?". The answer: "x for y overs with z wickets in hand. oh sir, you should have seen the xxxxx shot at yth over. Square cut on leg side, blah blah blah...". And the conversation went on. As the only Indian who don't understand or watch that game, I didn't understand all the technical words nor the person's name, but I can surely say, the easiest way to talking to a stranger is "whats the score?" not "do you have a match stick". Hmmm, Now that I've stopped smoking, I wish I like the game to get started.

PS: I typed this blog entry offline, when I was waiting in Bangalore Airport and totally forgot about it. Few mins back, my wife wanted to know the Cricket score, and since I don't know any cricket sites, I Googled. The result was simply impressive and thought of blogging it. Subsequently reminded me of the post that I've not-yet-published. So here goes the result:

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Sonoa Systems announces Info 2.0 appliance

Yup. Sonoa, my previous employer, is finally out of stealth mode :-)

The website now lists two products - Info 2.0 and ServiceNet. Yesterday they have announced that they are working with IBM for Info 2.0, which is an appliance for creating Mashups within an Enterprise.  News is already out and spread well. That sounds really nice, except for the two points:

  • It is based on IBM's not-even-beta IBM Mashup Starter Kit

  • Is there a real market for Mashups within Enterprise?

Since they have just started working, the Mashup Starter Kit should have graduated out of alphaworks, but what about the market? I'm really curious to know about the case studies and customers for that product. Lets wait and see.

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பூனை மேய்க்கறது

aஆடு மேய்க்கறது மாடு மேய்க்கறது தெரியும், பூனை மேய்க்கறது? ரொம்ப கஷ்டமான வேலைங்கோவ். நம்பலைன்னா கீழ இருக்கற வீடியோவ பார்த்து புரிஞ்சுக்கோங்க.

அப்பாவி ஆறுமுகம்: எப்படித்தான் இப்படி புதுசு புதுசா பண்ணறாங்களோ, ரூம் போட்டு யோசிப்பாங்களோ? ஹூம்ம்ம். நமக்கு வாச்சது ஆணி புடுங்கற வேலைதான்.