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Back at Fiorano, I started as the lead of the IDE team. The IDE was on Netbeans platform and my task was to design and develop an Eclipse based IDE. Months after, I got assigned with additional responsibility of leading the Server team as well. Managing both the team had one advantage. If I want anything to be done for the IDE, it was much easier :-) In that way, I've pushed in new features (with fancy names like EPLCM) coupled with a nice interface. Features like Dynamic Message Injection from an IDE to a server running in production is not something that you can achieve with other ESBs.  If that is not enough, I threw away the old webconsole and revamped it using ExtGWT. The result was a totally new looking product - a new Eclipse based IDE, Ajax Console and feature rich server. Now after months of beta, the product is released to the public. Kudos to my guys there for their really hard work. Hope the customers like it :-)

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Google for Airtel India

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IBM to acquire Sun !

Its been in the news all over. While the primary motive might be in the server space, I'm thinking of what it means to Eclipse and Java as a whole. Thinking of the possibilities:

  • Netbeans platform to be deprecated (read: gone)
  • Eclipse is bundled with JDK
  • JDK uses Eclipse Compiler. Only downside I see is that the Eclipse Compiler is a pure Java application and needs a JRE, but hey a JDK ships with the JRE right?
  • Every JRE ships with a latest version of SWT
  • No more worries for interoperability of JSR 277 with OSGi - as OSGi will be pushed into Java Platform as a standard

Wow! The possibilities are promising. Let me see how many of these come true

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