Down with fever :-/

For those who were wondering why I didn't post anything for a month or didn't reply you mails, I was down with typhoid. I called up my PM and conveyed the message and went back to my native village - the great "cyber palayam". Almost every family in my village, including mine, has a member affected by chi-kun guinea fever. I thought I'm going to get affected by it in my one month's stay there. Luck was on my side. I escaped. So what was I doing for one whole month? Nothing! With no cellphone signal or internet, I just spent all day lazing around. Can't watch TV as for every fifteen minutes, there will be a 5 min power down. The worst thing is that during that 15 mins, mostly will be ads and the main program will be during the time where no power. It was tough for a guy like me to sit simply and do nothing. So the best I can do is gardening. Whenever I go to Pollachi for a check-up, I'd buy some plants. Finally now my home has all sort of plants from Rose to Jasmin and from Pomegranate to Papaya. Not sure how it will be maintained in my absense.

Its election time and I read every line in the Dina Malar. Pretty much interesting to see the statements by our "great" leaders. Esp Captain, Thirumavalavan and Karunanithi. Add our Election Commision to that list.

When I came back to Bangalore this morning, I'd thousands of mails, both personal and official. Sorting out and reading them is really a challenge. Still doing it. Got to read the blogs and newssites to see what has happened in this one month. Few things I noticed:

  • The all new Google Reader. Finally they got a decent UI. Will post about it later.

  • The new iPod Shuffle. I didn't like this model.

  • My previous post is topping up in the results for the search GWT tutorials:-)

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