100th Blog !

I started this blog 2 years back and I'm writing my 100th blog now. I was confused of what to blog about in this 100th one. Should it be a movie review? a book review? the stupid FCC rules? rains in Chennai? mandaya udachu yosichathuku apuram, finally I decided to blog about this blog.

So I disguised myself as a reporter and thought of an interview with Praku about this blog ;-). Being a typical vetti bandha guy, he refused for an interview. Somehow I got him for you and here is the transcript of the interview:

Me : Hi Praku. This is your 100th blog. How do you feel?
He : Well. Honestly nothing great about it. Its just an other number
(engaluku theriyathakum? ivanaya ellam interview pannanumnu thala eluthu)

Me : So tell me Praku. Why did you start this blog?
He : It was two years back and don't remember. I think I wanted some place to put down my thoughts; kill my free time and also do something creative.
Me : Creative? All I could see was some reviews about movies, books, your trip and other experiences and publish few photos. Whats the creative part in it?
He : hmmm. True. I actually had an idea of Sangaarji jokes.
Me : You mean Sardarji jokes?
He : No. Its Sangaarji jokes. Pronounced as San-gaar-ji. Generally sadarji jokes are about stupid people. Sangaarji jokes about stupid people with a computer background.
Me : OK. But I've not seen any of Sangaarji joke in your blog !
He : (Thinks for a while and then) I thought I need some practice in writing blogs before I write sangaarji jokes. So I decided I'll write at least 100 blogs before I write some sangaarji joke.
(ada paavi. ippadi samalikaran. ivan mattum oru katchi aarambicha CM aayidalam pola iruke. ethukum konjam jakrathayave kelvi kepom)

Me : Mr. Praku, How do you spread out words about your blog?
He : Actually, if you see, I don't spread out word. Only a very few people know the existance of this blog. Even few of my roommates don't know about it. I don't want everyone to read it. I thought sometimes it might cause trouble.
Me : Have you ever encountered any trouble so far?
He : Not yet.
Me : Then may be you can open it up to everyone.
He : hmmm. Let me think about it. I'll go thru all my blogs and remove objectionable contents and if its ok, I'll open it to all.
(thappu panniteno? naan kelvi kekarana illa ivanuku idea kudukarana?)

Me : Which one of your blog, you consider as best?
He : Actually the one 'I see people' is the one that many people said is the best. Which actually motivated me to write blogs in the subject 'I shoot people', 'I read people', etc. Which were eventually considered as crap.
Me : Something like movie sequels, the first one is a big hit and movies in same theme might fail :-)
He : True.
Me : Why there are so many gaps in your blogs? You don't seem to write regularly.
He : Thats because either I don't get time. When I get time, sometimes I don't get system to type. If I get both, I won't feel like blogging and will just browse and go. Its just goes like that.
(ikkum. thoongu moonji. lazyness innu ore varthayila unmayana bathile sollen)

Me : Talking about your other blogs, you parallely started a techie blog along with this. What happened to it?
He : All thru the day I deal with techie stuff. So I thought at least in blogs, let me not technical.
(marupadiyum vetti bantha. techieya elutha thuppu illa innu sollu)

Me : And what about the one you started in the middle?
He : You mean the Tamil Kavithaigal? I think I'll continue that.
Me : Isn't it odd that without any objective you pickup random ones and start writing about it?
He : hmmmm. Thats also true. Let me see. I think you have a point. Summa pura naanooru, kurnthogai, thirukual appdinnu randoma eluthama, athula ethavathu onna eduthu kittu athula irukara enaku pudicha paattellam eluthalam illa? I'll try that also
(ayyayo. ivan naan kekara kelvila irunthe nalla idea ellam suttukarane! ithuku mela kelvi kekarathu thappunnu nenaikaren)

Me : Ok Praku. Thank you Praku. Its good to talk with you. I wish you start more blogs; update all of them more frequently and entertain us.
(oops! ippo naane avanuku directa idea kudutano? Shit!)
He : Thanks. I don't think I'll be creating any new blogs. But I'll surely update it more frequently.
(athana parthan. directa oru idea kudutu atha nee eduthukitta chennaila mala vanthudume. sorry, veyyil vanthudume!)
Me : Bye
He : Bye
(enaku venum. enaku venum. ithuvem venum. innanum venum. avan paatuku ethachum kirukitu irunthan. paetti edukaren paervailunnu naan kelvi kethathula, ippo puthusa creative-ingara perula oru character introduce panni elutha poran. ithula inime intha bloga pathi elarukum solla poran. ithellam enga poi mudiyumo theriyala. ellam en times)

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Quote of the Day

For the past few months I've been sending 'Quote of the day' to the people, whom I can reach from my office id. Every week there will be a theme like J.K Rowling quotes or Elbert Hubbard quotes or Yoda quotes etc. I'm reaching more than 100 people and so there will be variety of people. Its very interesting to see that, few people who even remember the magic spell of Harry Potter and few people who consider it as simply stupid. Same for Dilbert. So obviously I always get mixed response. For a change, this week all the responses were positive. This week's theme? Marriage! I think I'll post the Quotes of the week here in my blog. So here is the this week's quotes:

I love being married.
It's so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.
- Rita Rudner

The difficulty with marriage is that we fall in love with a personality, but must live with a character.
- Peter Devries

Successful marriage requires falling in love many times,
always with the same person.
- German Greer

Success in marriage does not come merely through finding the right mate,
but through being the right mate.
- Barnett R. Brickner

Don't marry the person you think you can live with;
marry only the individual you think you can't live without.
- Dr. James C. Dobson

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Busy, Busy, Busy!

"You get busy living or you get busy dying.
- Andy (The Shawshank Redemption)

I don't know whether I'm living or dying, buy I'm very very busy these days. Got a deadline dictated by FCC and working towards it. Hope its the same with very VoIP product in US. One day, I've to blog about how stupid FCC and rules are. Coming back to the point, I go to office sometime during lunch and back home only after everyone slept. Will be like that till this weekend I hope. Despite my busy schedule, few things happened.

(*) Me and Sathya Went around T Nagar and finally booked a Banquet hall for the Alumni get together this sat.
(*) Had few lengthy discussions with my PM & HR reg my TGP and stuff.
(*) We finally decided the plan for the Delhi trip (along with Agra, Jaipur and Fatehpur Sikri) in December and booked the tickets. Head count is 13.
(*) Another trip to Gangtok in Feb mid is slowly coming up. Gathering people for that.
(*) Anjac was here and one fine rainy week day, 7 of us booked a qualis and went to Mayajaal for a movie. Of course I didn't bunk on that day. Went back to office by 6 PM and started working.
(*) Sakthi has started a blog (which he should have done long back). Hope it will become one more interesting one just as him :-)

A build has gone and have time to browse now. I started reading blogs and then realized that I too have a blog to update. So here it goes a quick entry to my blog!

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Photo Friday: Delicate

This was taken when we went to Thrissur. As they say, Kerala is God's own country. Especially when it drizzles and you are visiting some hilly area. This was shot with my Canon K2. The creeper climing up on the stem of a plant was a looking good and I shot it with out any hesitation.

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