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BEA is one of the biggest Java vendors; Macs run Java & many Java developers use Mac. But still Weblogic is not supported on Mac. So I have to follow the unofficial informations to install it. Here are the steps:

BEA's download site lists the officially supported OS. Mac won't be there in the list. If you select IBM AIX/ HP Itanium, you will see that the downloaded file is server<version>_generic.jar. These jars can be used to install Weblogic on any machine with a JRE.

The generic installer is "intelligent" enough to find that you don't have any space in your disk to install and will give you this error dialog:

To avoid this you have to tell the installer that you are running on a Unix machine: java -Dos.name=unix -jar server100_generic.jar

The installation will go smoothly without any troubles. When you are done with the installation, the wizard you show you an option to run the QuickStart uncheck and press Finish. (If you are happy with the Example Server and want to start it, you may want to show the Quick Start)

Run the <bea home>/wlserver_10.0/common/bin/config.sh to create your own domain and go to the domain directory and run startWeblogic.sh. Its all the usual stuff. Nothing specific to Mac.

The only trouble is you will get the login screen for console and the login will take for ever with more than 90% CPU usage :-( Don't worry, I'll give a solution soon :-)

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