Legal music download in India

If you don't want to download pirated MP3 files, the only option so far is to purchase an audio CD and rip it into MP3. I've been doing that way since I decided no pirated music. Simply, for Indians, there is no way to purchase music on the net. Sometime back HCL was talking about that (partnering with Apple for iTunes music store in India), but it didn't happen.

Now there is a nice option (or at least only now I noticed). has an option to legally download our beloved songs. The advantage of online purchase is you don't have to purchase the entire album, just because one song is nice. You can pay for and download individual the songs that you like (mostly @ Rs 12/- per song).

All looks nice, if not for the Windows DRM. For me, with both my laptops running OS X, I can't play the songs. Only way is to get the songs into a Windows box, burn them into an audio CD, take use that CD and import the music to my iTunes. Ha! I would better stay with purchasing CDs :-(

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