One more year …

Another year has gone. Round up of this year:

  • A new addition to my family. Very very happy.

  • Purchased a house. Finally I made an investment. Good.

  • Shifted my job again (sigh) Good that I didn't switch technology again. Still with Eclipse Plugin development. OK.

  • Shifted to Coimbatore. Great.

  • Bought a MacBook. Good.

  • Got a MacBook Pro from office. Cool.

  • After 3 successive failures, I finally co-founded a startup - Cypal Solutions. mmmm. No comments :-)

  • I didn't reach one my life time goals of becoming a CEO before 30. Sad.

Overall: A nice and wonderful year.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    There's always next year.

    Congrats on a successful year :)