Priceless Expressions - 4

This time its not a digital camera or Mac. But with my normal film camera. The first few are when we force her to have Cerelac and the last two are THE best photos I've ever taken.

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  1. Gow Says:

    14200005 : Unkallukku yellam chicken, yennakku mattum Cerelac-a!!
    14200011 : I'm not a boy, Oolunga thala ceeve vidu.
    14200012 : Tell me who is cute, me or the teddy?
    14200014 : I can't believe what I heard. 'Deva is cooking.'

  2. Kousik Says:

    She looks like you!
    Very cute!

  3. Raja Says:

    Dai, this pic is awesome! She is cute...