How to become a CEO before 30?

One of my life time goals is to become a CEO of a company before I touch the magic figure of 30 years old (other life time goals include purchasing a personal aircraft).

The story of an assistant to a cable splicer becoming a CEO of a Fortune 10 company did impress me. So when I came out of the college, I carefully chose to join Verizon as a Programmer - despite the offers like Project Manager at Google and India Delivery Head at Microsoft. After few years of service, I climbed up several steps in the ladder and ended up as an Analyst. At that rate, I found that it will take another 20 years for me to reach the CEO post and my goal was to reach there in another 2 years time. So I quit and joined BEA. I thought I would at least become the CEO of BEA India. Only after getting in, I realized that there is no such post. I was in search of a job, again. This time instead of looking for big companies, I looked for startups. I selected Sonoa. When Raj decided to step down from the CEO post, to my disappointment, he didn't select me. He rather hired Chet Kapoor. I decided to quit again. But where to join?

Having purchased a MacBook and have given numerous good presentations, I thought I can replace Steve Jobs as the CEO of Apple. I spoke with him. I was able to convince him that holding two CEO positions is neither good for the person nor the companies. He offered me the CEO of Pixar. But I rejected the offer saying, I want to be a CEO of a computer company. His happened in last december. You know what? In this year's MacWorld he dropped off "Computers" from "Apple Computers". You cheated me Steve. You will have my revenge.

Meanwhile, the time line for my goal was only few months away and no body is offering me a CEO job. So instead of searching for a company which will give me a CEO title, I started one. Ah! that was a nice idea and I still wonder why it didn't strike me. After all the legal blah, blahs, Cypal Solutions came into existence. Its a developer oriented company, which creates some free & nice developer tools and provides training as well.

One of my life time goals was about to be fulfilled. But alas, my wife said that will take up the CEO post. As I've granted the privilege of taking decisions (more details here) to her, I have to just stay as Co-Founder. Now that I've exactly 38 days for the deadline and I'm out of Sonoa as well, I'm looking for a CEO job. If your company has the vacancy, please let me know. I'll send my resume.

BTW, I've decided upon my next life time goal - retire @ 40. Will that happen at least? Let me see ...

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Why do you want to be a CEO?
    I thought I wanted to be one some time ago.....
    Was offered, regrets.

    Hope you get your dream.
    We all have them. Some different then others.

    J Alan

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Very good...I really appreciate your thoughts and admire your guts...
    But its very difficult to take quick steps in life as you do

  3. Anonymous Says:

    It still feels scary............ believe me.
    I just let go, that's all.
    I guess I realized it was like traversing a chasm....can't do it in 2 or more leaps. Anyways that's the way I felt.
    Maybe, I made a mistake to chase a dream. I just figured you can't be awake and having a dream at the same time.
    Good Luck,
    J Alan

  4. Anonymous Says:

    [...] didn’t reach one my life time goals of becoming a CEO before 30. [...]

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Hey i say continue to follow your dream of being a CEO. I believe that if you continue to reach for it and position yourself for it you will become it. Hey, have you macthed yourself to a successful CEO? If not , i believe you should! you will become who you hang around. God bless