Steve does it again…

Been following thru all the live coverage of the MacWorld. Oh boy! I wish I were there.

Only Steve can run this show. Getting a "wow" from teh audience every now and then; brining up CEO of Google and Co-Founder of Yahoo in a single stage; signing up a contract with Cingular without even showing a prototype; and more importantly, reinventing something. Steve. Only Steve.

I'm longing to see the video of this keynote. Although there were no 'one more things', this would be THE best keynote of Steve.

There is nothing much to be talked about iTV (called Apple TV), rather its all about iPhone. The websites are going to talk about it a lot for the next few months, so no much details here. It costs $499 will be available in India only in 2008. Will I buy it? I may! After all, I bought an iPod for almost the same price 3 years back. This iPhone is a phone + iPod + wifi + bluetooth + ... (and holy cow, it runs a full fledged Mac OS X!!!)

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