iPhone alternatives

Apple's iPhone user interface is said to be copied from LG's KE850. Both are full screen phones with similar buttons. I thought there should be something from Nokia as well. I was looking into Nokia's site and found a similar model - N800. At $400, this is cheaper than the iPhone and its available in the market now.

BTW when I loaded the site, this is what I've got:

Watch out for the numbers dudes. Not-A-Number is definitly not a number to be displayed in the progress bar!!!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    N800 is not a mobile phone. It does not come with a GSM radio. :-)

    It is a internet tablet which can use Wi-Fi or a tethered internet connection from your mobile phone.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    oh! I would have went thru the details, if only the flash stuff has loaded :-(

  3. Anonymous Says:

    BTW, I posted the above message from an N800 :-)