Apple reinvents the next ____

When people were typing in commands and looking at the "Bad command or file name", Apple introduced the GUI and the mouse to the computers.

When people were trying to click on the small buttons to scroll the list of artists to select the songs, Apple introduced the click wheel to MP3 players.

When people were trying to use the buttons and call people, Apple introduced a full-screen touch screen to phones.

Now that Apple Computers Inc, is officially renamed to Apple Inc, you can expect much more life style products from Apple. They are going to revolutionize the way we've been living so far.Whats next?

iHome:  You switch off the oven/water heater/lights from an small device?

iCar: Turn you head left you car will turn left. It will automatically adjust the speed and gear according to the angle. No wheels!

iPower: You have a wireless mouse, wireless keyboard, etc. How about powering a device wirelessly? Yes, the next Apple laptop will have no wires to the power adapter.

OK. I can come up with so many things, infact anyone can. But I've got a very special idea for Apple. An idea that is worth trillions of dollars: How about a iWife. All it needs to do is understand and execute one single command: "Shut up". I believe that there is a huge market for this product. What say?

PS: iWife is technology patented by Pranni and a royalty of $50 should be given to him when ever you say/write/type the word.

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