Mysore Trip

Our company organized a trip to Mysore during the X-Mas weekend. 2 Buses were arranged. The bus from the office was scheduled at 7.30 AM and it didn't start till 8.30 and we were waiting for few more people to join us. Somebody came to me and asked for my helmet. I asked why? He said few guys are planning to go in bike and they need one more helmet for the pillion rider. My helmet came for the trip with a rider, me :-)

The Bangalore-Mysore road is a four-lane highway. Driving is a pleasure. But reaching the road from the office took almost an hour. At Mysore we stayed in Lalith Mahal. With all kind of liquor (they didn't have 7up/sprite for mixing thou), orchestra and dance, dinner was quite good. As with every party there were people who boozed too much and were the center of entertainment for the rest of us.

The next day people went for trekking in Chamundi hills. I was feeling sleepy and so didn't join them. By noon we drove back. We had a stop at Ranganthittu and went for boating as well. Nothing much to describe about the trip. Photos are here:


Amit is planning for a trip to Kanyakumari during Jan 26th. There are less chances for me to join the trip, as I've to go home that weekend. If its on some time March, I'd have definitely joined him. hmmm. Now I miss bachelor life :-(

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