One more year!!!

One more year has gone and I turn back and see the events.

First on my personal side. I've shifted from Chennai to Bangalore. I'm no more single and to add more to that I'm an expectant father.

From my official side, I've put down my papers and shifted company. If that is not enough, I've again put down my papers last week and expected to move to my third company sometime next month. On the other hand, I've released an open source product and its going well. I discovered a tutorial for it in Japanese!

Wow! There are too many changes and all for good! It might be the most exciting year I've ever had in my life so far. But no matter what, I'm still 18 years old. This year again failed to increase my age. To quote Bryan Adams again:

Don’t worry about the future - forget about the past
gonna have a ball - ya we’re gonna have a blast
gonna make it last
18 till I die

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