Bye Bye Blogspot, Hello WordPress!

With BlogSpot there is no way to tag my blog entries. When you get a comment in your mail, there is no way to know from which entry the comment was for. There were few hiccups like this. I decided to move to WordPress for a long time, and as usual I can blame on my laziness for not doing it. Finally I did it now. The transition was smooth. There is an import option in WordPress, where you can give you blogger id and password. It will give you the list of blogs you have. Click on the ones you want to import and its done!

One big disadvantage I'm seeing here with WordPress is that you can't actually create/tweak the templates. You have to select the available ones and use it. But thats OK. The template I've chosen is not that bad. I can live with this. I'm still correcting the images, and few other things. Please let me know if anything is missing here.

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