Now or never

Last weekend also I went home. This time I've got tickets reserved, so overnight travel and nothing happened to blog. However, there is something about the dinner.

All thru my 6 years of life in both the PSGs, whenever I go to the railway station for someone's send-off, I won't miss a chance for the mobile restaurants ('thallu vandi'-ya englishla eppadi solla?) Esp the ones in the street between Collectorate & Police Commissioner's office. But after moving to Chennai, mostly I'm kind of forced for an early dinner at home itself. So whenever I come to Coimbatore Railway Station, I would say to myself that, "next time, surely my dinner is at a road side shop". It never happened until last weekend.

So from Ukkadam bus-stand I directly went to the Collectorate. The first change I noticed was most of the shops are well-lit, neat and looked a little hygienic! Thanks to the funding by Women Help Group Scheme(didn't remember the exact name). I ordered my favorites - egg-dosa and half-boil along with paniyaram & idly. No matter how good the filter/Bru coffee is, which is prepared by your mom/wife, the tea that you get in the old glass tumbler after a "chetta, oru chaaya", in the near by Nair shop, always tastes better. The egg-dosa and the half-boil are no exception. Whenever I try for a half-boil at home, either its full-boiled or its under-cooked or I break the yoke. No matter how hard I try, I can't prepare half-boil with the perfection of the road side shops. I always end the dinner with the half-boil. After eating "few" items the bill was around 25 bucks. A set of idly at Nandhini costs 20 bucks and I don't like the chuttni there.

Walking back to the Railway Station, my thoughts were roaming around the dinner. Say if I'd missed these shops during my college days, chances are less that I'd end up here for dinner. I probably would have preferred Annapoorna/Aarya's/early dinner at home. I was thinking that there are lot of simple pleasures in our lives like this, which should be enjoyed at the moment. Caught in the thoughts in this line, I entered the Station. There was a big 'Now or Never' ad for the TVS Apache. It said:

"Chase skirts now. Soon you'’ll be washing them"

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