Tamil FM !!!

In search of something I was googling for Tamil FM stations. I landed up with surprise. There is a Tamil FM Channel in China!!! What surprises me most is that they do have a very neat Website entirely in Tamil. Hindi is also available. Check this:

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  1. Jaganath Says:

    Radio China and BBC Tamizh Osai are some of the foreign Tamizh stations that are broadcasting in Tamizh for years now. You should actually listen to Radio China - unlike BBC, they mostly use Chinese broadcasters for Tamizh programs! Their Tamilzh accent is really worth listening to. (mazhalai thamizh)

    BTW, it is not an FM station. It is meant for foreign listeners like us, so it is broad cast on Short Wave.

  2. Prakash G.R. Says:

    I thought it was FM! I've heard of BBC and I've listened to one Srilankan Channel when I was a kid, but Radio China is a news to me.