Book: Truth, love and little malice

At times, when I'm left with no work, the question of what to do really troubles me. Now I can realize how powerful Thomas Carlyle's words are:

"I've got a great ambition to die of exhaustion rather than boredom"

OK. So decided to blog something. After a looong thought I decided to blog about the book I'm currently reading. Its Kushwanth Singh's autobiography "Truth, love and little malice".

Going thru his autobiography, one thing strikes my mind. Starting from his childhood days in the pre-partitioned Punjab till date, he has witnessed the events and people who have shaped the nation. Let it be the freedom struggle or the partitioning or the wars or the post-independence progress - he has witnessed them. From Nehru to Menaha Gandhi, from Narashimma Rao to Sonia, he has personally known people. So eventually as I progress thru the book I could see that it was going thru the shaping (or the spoiling?) of the nation. Although his views on many things are biased, like his thoughts on Indira Gandhi & her actions, this book gives a great deal of ideas about the Indian history. Well, its not all about India, it about his personal life too - after all its his autobiography :-) Whether it be the growth and demise of his pet dog or be it his first sexual experience with a prostitute that lasted for less than a minute, he has crafted them in a very neat way. This fellow has gone many places and has served to many of the leading magazines in the country. His experiences with people and places are really good to read, mainly because of the way he has written.

Its surprising to know that he had initially thought that this book might be the last one he'll write. When it was published and was ready to the market, Menaka Gandhi, his good old friend, filed a suit against this book for writing about how she was thrown away by Indira Gandhi after Sanjay's death. Finally our man won the suit and the book got released, but then it was delayed by 6 years! Throwing away his guess that this might be his last book, he has written more books in those 6 years than in any other 6 years of his life!

Altogether this book is a nice read. I enjoyed reading it. Still yet to complete it. I guess mostly I'll be finishing it in a week or two. Next book is already in the queue - its Karunanithi's "Tholkappiyap Poonga". Have already enjoyed the frangrance of few 'malarkal' from the 'poonga'. You can expect another blog about it soon.

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