What men want?

Hey, I've not blogged for more than two weeks! So I'm back to busy state. So nothing much happened in the last two weeks. Watched the movie "J.J", an as usual boring Tamil movie. One interesting thing to blog was last sunday night. We guys were discussing about the future and discussing about married life.

Two guys were trapped and caught for answering. The rest of us enjoyed asking questions like: What is your expectations about your future wife? What would you do if your wife smokes and boozes? What if she had an affair before marriage? What if one day your servant maid tries to kiss you; you resist and put your hands on her ..... and push her aside and your pregnant wife accidentally sees it? etc, etc.

The answers were at different exteremes! One guy, as usual, was open and very practical while the other was also as usual very peculiar in his answers and didn't have any valid reason for any of them. What is important for one fellow is not important for the other. Their expectations; their responses, their way of behaving in a situation were completely different. But few common things I could infer was guys generally expect their would-be to be educated (at least UG), should be good looking, need not be salaried but better if she is and more importantly understanding. This word is the confusing. Most of us wants the better-half to be understanding, but in what way? no-one clarifies it! So men don't know what exactly they want, but still they want what they want!

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