My wonderful weekend

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Last weekend I went to my native place, a small village near Coimbatore. I was surprised to see the reach of urban life style there. I could see more shops with cooled colas; a new medical shop; a brand new bakery in place of the old thatched tea-shop; good roads; and hey milk packets ! I was amused by the fact that Aavin milk packets are sold in my village. Actually, the milk is produced in the farms in the villages, like my native place. The farmers give the milk to co-operative societies. They collect the milk; process it; package it; and then sell it in the towns and cities. Now why should people go for the packaged milk, instead of the fresh milk that they get it from the farmers? Is there really a big market for packaged milks in the villages? I questioned few neighbours about this. To my surprise there was a market for the packed milk. Whenever there is an urgent need for milk like in the case of unexpected visitors - which is a frequent happenings in our place, they can't get till the fresh milk arrives. In tea stalls, they can't predict the actual usage of milk daily. They actual usage varies daily and the pattern can't be easily predicted. In those cases they prefer packed milk instead of the fresh milk. mmmmm mordernization has its own advantages.

Another thing noting worth of, is the Saturday evening. It was the most wonderful evening in my life. I was in the mid of a farm near to my village. The sky was cloudy and the sun was playing hide-n-seek with the clouds. There was a very mild drizzling. Last night's heavy downpour has created a small pit. I was sitting on a small wall and watching some sparrows taking bath in the pit. A squirrel was chasing another one and playing around the trees. I was simply enjoying the scene. Then there was a peacock running behind a fly to catch it for its evening snack. All together, mother nature was showing a wonderful face to me. Apart from all these the most beautiful thing was my friend sitting near me. She was resting on my shoulders and remembering her childhood days. In my daily life at this great kuvampatti city, I could see only concrete jungle and people rushing through them. It was altogether an experience in another extreme for me. As I started, it was THE most wonderful evening in my life.

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