A memorable evening

Today I was left with very little work. So thought of blogging something. Yesterday's blog reminded me of yet an another nice evening that I had. Perhaps this was my only wonderful evening in this kuvampatti. So here it is.

It was a sunday evening. Me and my friend Kicha thought of spending this evening somewhere. So decided to go for a beach, which is virtually uninhabited. Its in the East Coast Road, just after VGP Golden Beach. When we arrived there, there was a slight drizzling. The beach was so clean compared to the other beaches in the city (Marina and Besant Nagar). The climate was cool and the wind was chilling. We walked along the shore. We could find lot of jelly fishes washed away in the shore. They were so transparent as if we were looking at some piece of glasses. We found lot of nice looking shells in the shore. One particular shell was really cute. It was a opened up shell, which looked like a beautifull butterfly. Once we had a handful, we thought of returning back. Turning back, we found that we have walked more than 1 km ! Till that time, we were looking down for shells and walking. When we raised our heads, we saw a rainbow seen above the sea. The sea was fully covered with darkened rain clouds and at a far distance it was raining in the sea. The rainbow was on those clouds and we are standing in the evening sun. The bungalows facing the sea were artistically built. It was a nice experience. On our way back from the beach to the city, we had stopped for a hot cake and a tea. Then after coming to our place, went to Food world for a hot-n-good "podi dosa" and ended up with a glass of Miranda in Pizza Hut.

After that I've gone there twice, first with Jayku and next with a big gang of friends. During both the times, I was enjoying my time. When I was with Jayku we drove Muthukaruppan (my bike) in the beach. (But then I had to spend a long time in cleaning it) When I was with the group, we were playing frisbee in the beach and in the sea.

It has become one of my favourite places in this Kuvampatti.

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