Whats in a name? Part I

Pranni, in whatever name he is called, will behave like Pranni. So whats in a name? I don't know and I don't have any answer. But I'll pen down my thoughts on "names" this series titled "Whats in a name?".

In my previous company, we moved to a new building. All of the cubicles and cabins were numbered with some sequence like WKS 123. But what about the conference rooms? Somebody in the committe (we had a committe to look after all the arangements in the new office) came with a nice scheme - names of rivers. One of the HR said the cafeteria, which is also the biggest conference room, should be named as Kaveri. The reason he gave was it was the lifeline for the whole state of Karnataka. None of us believed that could be the real reason. He is not from Karnataka and he is not even from TamilNadu. So why Kaveri? Its neither his wife's name nor his kid's name. So why he suggested Kaveri? This started lot of rumours. It was finally concluded that he might had/have a girl friend named Kaveri.

Well, since most of us were not from Karnataka, the name was rejected. As Ganga is the biggest river, it was decided that the biggest conference room should be named after it.

The 5 rooms in the west side were named after the 5 rivers in Punjab. Then all around the office were Yamuna, Krishna, Godhavari etc.

On one side, there was Amazon. What? India is full of rivers and even if there were a dozen more conference rooms, we can name them after Indian rivers. So why Amazon? Digging into non-official sources revealed that our new VP was earlier working for Amazon.com and to make him happy the HR folks suggested this. Only after the new building was inaugrated, they came to know that our VP had quit Amazon after a very bad experience.

Moral of the Story 1:

If you are asked to name a conference room/anything, don't suggest a human name. If its a girl's name and you have no obvious connections like your sister's or wife's or mom's name, you are in trouble. If you suggest a guy's name and you have no obvious connections, you are in very very deep trouble. ;-)

Moral of the Story 2:
When you are naming to please someone, make sure the name makes the someone really happy. If not at least make sure that name doesn't remind and bring back some bad memories. :-)

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