The troubles with Wordpress

I switched to Wordpress from Blogger. There are many things I'm happy about. Two little things really annoy me.

(1) The editor is really resource hungry at times. Especially if you type a sentence and then use the backspace key to delete it, the CPU usage will touch 100% for few seconds and your system will hang for a moment. Ctrl+Arrow to navigate words also similar case. Some improvement in the editor is definitely needed as writing a blog is the primary thing that everyone would do!

(2) I constantly try the new themes released. Most of the themes don't care about displaying the tag line under the title. Without that the title looks a little odd to me. So even though I like many other themes than the current theme that I'm using, I'm not switching to them because of the tag line problem.

These are really little things, but it does adds to the user experience.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I have turned off the TINYMCE wysiwyg post entry thingy and much better off without it. It is an option that you can choose, too.