Think of this. You will be really busy with something. Either a meeting with your PM or debugging a nasty bug or spending a nice moment with your friends in the cafeteria or discussing all the sweet nothings with your girl friend. You get a call in your cellphone/office landline. You pickup only to hear "Would you like to have a personal loan at attractive interest rate" or "How about an exciting job oppurtunity that fits your career" or "Are you interested in credit card". I hate tele marketing. When I'm in a relaxed mood and not so busy, things are different.

Here are few such examples:

:Hello sir. Are you looking for a job change?
:hmmm. Yes. Why are you asking?
:We are a Delhi based consultancy company and we do have really nice openings for the talented.
:What about the salary?
:You will get the best in the industry sir
:Great. What are the companies do you deal with?
:We deal with various companies. What is your qualification and skill set sir?
:I've completed my +2 and have 5 arrears in my B.Com.
:(after a moment) So how did you get into the industry? you went thru any computer courses like Aptech or NIIT?
:Computer course? Why do I need to learn computers?
:(quite confused) hmmm. You are a developer right? Or a tester?
:Oh! you got the wrong extension. I'm the security sitting in the reception. So you have jobs only for the computer persons?
:Sorry sir

I don't know how the tele marketing gal felt, but I really enjoyed it. hee hee hee. Check this one (We had to share the extension in one of my previous companies):

:Hello, can I talk to Vanitha?
:Yes, Vanitha speaking
:Sir, I asked for Vanitha
:Yes, Vanitha here. What do you want?
:No Sir, errr, sorry Madam, Are you interested in personal loans?
:Yes, I want to buy a pen and I need Rs 10. Do you give a loan without any interest for that.
(now she understands that somebody is playing and keeps the receiver)

This I guess is the best one:

:Hello, Can I talk to Srini?
:Srini has gone to the canteen. What do you want?
:No problem, I'll call after 10 minutes
:I don't think there is any need for that. As far as I know, he has credit cards from every major bank; he has a personal loan for 15 Lakhs and he already paying EMI for a house loan of 50 Lakhs.
:How much did you said the personal loan was?
:15 Lakhs. I don't think he will go for it again. So you better not call again.
:Sure. Thanks

Wait. That is not the end of the story. Ater 15 mins Srini did get a call and he was talking over the phone for 10 mins. When it was over, he stood up and asked: "who said my wife that I took a personal loan?"

Well, I leave the rest to your imagination ;-(

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    The last one was really funny :-)