Life is really weird !

Two days back, I was sitting at my desk and was busy working. Heard a 'Hi' and turned back. A guy was standing. Very familiar face but I couldn't identify who he is. He smiled and said 'Remember me?'. I couldn't. Then he said 'remember CSC? Manikandan, Laxmanan, Sabareesh?'. Oh Yeah! I got it. He was a student of mine, when I was teaching C & C++ CSC. It was long back - my 2nd year of UG. Laxmanan, who came to my desk, was studying 1st year BE then. After 7 years we meet! Now he has 3 years of experience and joined here in Verizon few days back. 3 years and this is his 4th company. He couldn't believe that I was sticking with the same company for all 3 years. It was good to see him back and was talking to him.

I was reminded of those good old days in CSC. The golden evenings. Esp. the rainy days. Mostly no students will be coming to the computer center if it rains. We, staffs, would order tea & hot snacks from the JM bakery and have a round table conference, teasing each other in turns. Apart from CSC, I even worked as a pager operator also. Cell phones were just then introduced and rates were too high. Rs 8/- per minute for incoming and around Rs 20/- for outgoing!!! Pager was very popular as its pretty cheap. People would call us, the operators, and give the message. We have to get the message and type it, check it manually and then send it. Our efficiency is measured by parameters like the number of seconds we talk in the phone, the number of spelling mistakes we make, how soon we send the message and get ready for the next, etc. Somehow I hated that job and luckily my boss at CSC was asking me to join back.. I thought for a while and then joined back. Result: I got a hike :-) The pay with hike put together won't even fetch me a booze in a decent bar now. But it was a very big amount for me in those days.

Now the staff and the student are the same company with same experience - most probably he might get a better pay than me. Other guys who was there in CSC - Mani & Sabreesh have now 5 years experience and getting more than twice of what I get here.

Life is really weird!

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