Indian Techies

Last friday I attended the first BEA User Group's meeting. The presentations were about Diablo (Code name for Weblogic Server 9) and Service Oriented Architecture. I was quite surprised that many people didn't know about Eclipse. When the guy who was presenting asked how many of you know about WTP, I was surprised that only 3 hands were raised(It was me, Chaitu and Dinesh). How can that happen? Does everyone else is using MyEclipse or WSAD? It cant be. I guess people who use Eclipse, still use the plain text editor in it to edit JSP, CSS, HTML, etc and use an ant script to deploy. Only 3 among the 300 were using appropriate editors!!! Why the Indian techies has gone so bad? I soon got an answer. One guy had a printout in his hand and was asking me, 'is this the right conference na?' I looked at the printout it said 'Win a mobile phone'. Looks like there is a mobile phone to be given out to one lucky person and he came only looking for the chance of being lucky. I could see few others came for the good food (to be honest the hot dosa with chicken curry was very tasty) So I decided that the real techies stayed back at office/home and were busy coding while the vetti guys who have less/no work and guys looking for free mobile & food came for the meeting. (of course there were 3 exceptions and you know who ;-))

Soon after that I was going thru the blogs which I've read for few weeks. Look here and here for interesting entries about Cedric & budding Indian techies (look for the comments). hmmmmm. Hey fellas, welcome to the club. You got lot of company in the industry.

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