Yes, Finally Gajini is released! Heard that the opening is so grand and its already booked housefull for few days! The initial comments from the movie-goers are also good. I was so longing to go for the movie on the first day, but didn't get tickets. Somehow one guy booked the whole balcony on sat morning show and it was exclusive for Verizon and CTS makkal. I got a chance to get the ticket, but then I had other important work to do at that time and so decided not to go. I gathered a group for Sunday, but alas no tickets - even in Mayajaal, its booked. May be I'll plan during a weekday sometime next week. I'm not going to miss this film by any chance. Its not for the hype, not for the screenplay, its not for the songs, its not for Suriya and its not for Nayandara. Its all for the cutie Asin!

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