Vetti forwards ...

As a matter of fact, I do spam a lot of inboxes in my office. Most of them are either forwards or links. I've never created any such forward text/presentation/word document. I don't understand how people have time, patience and creativity to create them. Now these kind of forwards are spamming our inboxes in our mobile too. Recently I got a forward message. Here it is: "Today is world stealing day. So tell me one thing which you would like to steal from me. Send this to everyone to get surprised replies & your reply is a must".
I'm not sure of whether such a day called stealing day exists, but I'm sure it was not on that day (its after all, my birthday!!!) I thought for a while and forwarded it to my friends. I did get lot of replies. Along with the normal replies (your purse, your credit card, blah, blah), I did get some interesting replies. Here they are (with my comments in brackets):

(*) Bold and Brain (Ah! So I'm brainy?)
(*) Nothing is there in you to steal except your heart (Are you sure its not stolen yet? ;-) )
(*) Varifying Trait (No comments on this one)
(*) Your computer with internet connection (Ok. Given the situation in office, now I'm really afraid you might!)
(*) Thangalin uyarntha knowledge (appa naan nijamalume brainy than. hee, hee, hee)
(*) Your cell (So that I won't spam your inbox?)
(*) Your salary (Believe me, its not worth of it)
(*) Politics (Maddy, What is the meaning of the word?)
(*) Your gal friend (Thank god! I'm saved now)

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