Drive carefully

In a previous post I was talking about my teammate who met with an accident. An update on him. He has recovered from the injuries. Once in a while, for few seconds he has little disturbances in the way he does things but then recovers immediately. He has not yet back to work. Will be back soon.

Whenever I look at accidents like these, I generally reduce my average & max speed. In a week or so, I'll forget about the accident and will be back to my "normal" speed. I just recovered from that accident and today I got the news that my another friend met with an accident.

It had happened on last saturday night and none of us knew about it. I went to the hospital to meet him. He didn't remember exactly what happened. With his left over memories and people who saw the incident, here is what happened. Our man was travelling in the Koturpuram road towards Cancer Institute. It was around 9 PM and he was driving a little fast - as usual. Near the signal he didn't notice the tree that was in the middle of the road. (Yes, during the road expansion, they didn't cut down the trees, and they are on the middle of the road) When he noticed it, it was a little late. He couldn't completely avoid it. He turned to the left but still hit the tree. He had severe injuries in the right side of the body. His shoulder bone was misplaced and the doctors are waiting for the swelling to reduce to do an operation. His left wrist had a fracture and another fracture in the right leg. Luckily he always wears a helmet and so no major injuries in his head. Despite the helmet, he had a big wound in his forehead. Due to the pain killers, he is sleeping most of the day. His aunt was also there when I went and she was asking me to advise him to go slowly. He said, "athai, enaku seripu varuthu aana serika kuda mudiyala. ivan enna vida vegama povan, ivan enaku advice pannanuma?" His aunt then started advicing me. I know, at least till he come back to office, I'll be driving slowly. Then? wrrroooooommmm. Again till either someone or me meets an accident. Pray for my friend and the people on the road.

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