For the great Madarasi

Which is the only metropolitan city in the south?
Which is the most traditional cultured city of all the metros of our country?
Which metropolitan city has the lowest crime rate?
Which city has the second longest beach in world?
Which city in India currently has the highest growth rate of IT? (Don't think of Bangalore, its all saturated there. The question is about growth rate)
Which city is preferred by most of the automobile manufactures across the world to set up a manufacturing unit?
... < add any number of your favourite questions that praises Chennai>

If you are answering Chennai for all the above questions with a proud face, and expecting much more questions like that, you are probably a Chennai-ite. Anything good you hear about this city, you would be glad to add in more points. And whenever people like me talk about the patheticness of this kuvampatti, you would mostly say 'hey dude. You don't know about this city. Its a wonderful place to live'. Don't you? Now here is a must-read book for you: 'Chennai Latte - A Madras Brew'.

Since 2002, Madras Musings carried a humor column 'A-Musings' which was written by Ranjitha & the cartoon by Biswajit. The column discussed about the events and situations of the Chennai city. This book is a compilation of a part of work for this column.

Right from the mosquitoes to traffic to climate to water problem, this book deals all the issues that we face in our day-to-day life in Chennai. With a little humor added in the text, added with a cartoon for every issue, you would realise what Chennai life is really all about, in a lighter way. Com 'on dear Chennai-ite. You say 'its THE city to live', but when was the last time you parked your bike in Spencers without hassle or when was the last time you found a road that is not digged up? Face the reality. I'm sure that it won't make you to pack your bags and find a job in Coimbatore, but sure, you won't say again that 'Chennai is a wonderful place to live'. Don't worry, occasionaly this book talks about the positive side too :-) (I hear someone there yelling 'kaapi')

No matter whether you are a chennai-ite or not, grab a copy of this book. Its a good read.

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