No matter about what season it is, sunsets are always beautiful. This one was taken with Ravi's Powershot. It was sometime in last September, during my company's anniversary. When the function was going on, we were walking in the near by beach and I was experimenting with Ravi's camera. The sunset created a wonderful backdrop for the hatchery and I clicked it. The color combination has come out perfectly  Posted by Hello

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Cool photography, r u a photographer by any chance??, but the blogs also include some techi stuffs which shows you may be in the IT industry..anyway Good work :-), keep it up..

  2. Prakash G.R. Says:

    Nope. I'm just a Java developer interested in photography. Thanks 4 ur comments :-)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Cool combination ...Java + Photography..both are out of scope for me.