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Why didn't I blog for the past three months about the camera I bought? Something seriously wrong with my memory :-( Wondering why I thought of it suddenly? I'll come to that later. First the selection of my camera.

Right from the beginning, I was looking for a Digital SLR. With its wonderful performance & great reviews of the DIGIC processor, Canon was obviously my choice over Nikon. My eyes were on Digital Rebel.

But somehow I thought they are going to release a better version than that and I'll wait. At $1000 its not cheap. I was satisfied with the features, but thought it is not worth for that price. Canon answered my patience with D20.

Obviously it had all the features I was looking for, but alas, the price was not less - it was too high - $1700. Certainly its not the camera I was waiting for. Still searched for a better good deal on D20, as its 8.2 Mega pixels & DIGIC II processor really attracted me. But in Chennai, its not available at all. And I couldn't simply accept Digital Rebel Then some strange thing happened. I decided to go a film camera. The obvious choice should be Nikon, but hoping one day I'll definitely buy a D-SLR from Canon, it is wise to go for a Canon film camera, as I can always reuse the lenses and other accessories. My first choice was T2, but again, its not available in Chennai. So finally got settled with a K2. After enquiring in Camera City, many Canon dealers, professional photo stores, I went to Burma Bazaar. Luckily there were two camera shops. One guy said that he is not having a K2 stock here, but in his another store in Spencers. Wow! One shop in Burma Bazaar and other in Spencers ! I got a good deal with his brother in Spencers and bought it immediately. I took it with the 28-90 lens.

After 3 rolls, I'm quite happy with its performance. I'm still exploring it. With digital, we can experiment like anything. Although the camera is costly, it virtually doesn't have a running cost. You can immediately see the results of the shots and adjust your settings and keep on reshooting till you get what you want. With a film camera in your hand, the story is quite different. The running cost is not cheap. Rs. 220 per roll for developing, printing and scanning it to CD - excluding the cost of the roll Rs. 100. So it works out somewhere near Rs 9 per shot. I don't know why, the K2 is not allowing me to take more than 36 shots per roll :-( So I've to think thrice before experimenting anything. There is no way of seeing the results immediately. I have to wait till the roll is over. When the roll is over, I'll be rushing to the photoshop to develop it. When I get the photos in my hand, will be excited to see pictures turn out quite well and of course there will be "few" snaps that won't come as I expect. No problem, I'll try it again :-)

Meanwhile coming to the question in the beginning of the blog, Why did I all of a sudden remember about blogging about my camera? Simple. Today got to see the news that Canon is about to come out with the next version of Digital Rebel the 350 D.

Its 8 Mega pixels and yes, its powered with DIGIC II. Reviews say its faster, and cheaper than the 300D. Ah ! This was the camera I was looking for!!! Anyways I've a K2 with me, so no need to go for another one (Well, honestly I don't have a enough bank balance). I will wait till Digital Rebel 450/500 and then surely upgrade it :-) Meanwhile, keep looking for the photos I shoot. Now that I've net @ home, once in a week, I'll be uploading a photo to my blog with Hello.

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