No. Nothing technically about the hibrenate framework:-) After a hectic work, I decided to take off for a week and go home. I wanted to go home as soon as the code drops are over. But Ajit wanted me to stay back till it goes to production and so the plan was postponed. I've been out of office for 2 weeks, thats almost half a month! I spent 2 days to visit my relatives around sathy & cbe, 1 day in college & 1 day for the flower show at Agri Univ. botanical gardens. Apart from that all I did was eat, sleep, watch HBO, AXN & Star Movies, play with my nephew and listen to the music in FM & iPod. Felt like I was living someone's life :-)

Now to kuvampatti after a really loooooong break. Back home here, nothing has changed much. One thing is my sify account expired and didn't renew it till now :-/ I've gone for a 48 kbps pack instead of my 128 kbps, let me see how the speed is. So far not so bad. But if start browsing photoblogs, might feel it I guess.

Work is killing my time (ahhhhhh, I hate Javascript). Surprisingly Murali gave me a book about Templates in C++. Went thru the first chapter. Its a very interesting read. In the ack. section the author had mentioned about his editor Debbie. Reminded me the days when I used to do mail-chat with her from college. A little stubborn lady with straight-to-face comments. But still, it was a pleasure working with her :-) Thinking of an article in Java-templates as suggested by Murali. Let me see how it goes.

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