Pixar - Wall E

I always love Pixar movies - not for Steve, but for the amount of detailed attention they pour into every little stuff. Now the upcoming Wall E is something special for the following reasons:

  • First movie after Disney "acquired" Pixar

  • Its released after the biggest flop of Pixar (Cars)

  • This will be the first Pixar movie where a real human face is shown!

  • The one liner of story is too good

  • As per the rumours, there are NO dialogs in the movie. Its all the beeps and light flashs of the robots!!!

Pixar took too much efforts to make us visualize a fish as a character in the Finding Nemo (I'm not going into details here, in short - we can't easily visualize something as a character unless it resembles humans in most of ways. Think of the characters of Shark Tale, they are more of humans than of fishes) I bet they have gone even beyond that to create a movie without dialogs. Waiting for the release ...

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I am a little confused here. So Disney started Pixar, then sold it, then is acquiring again?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Disney never started pixar! Pixar was started someone else and then later acquired by Steve Jobs. Recently Disney took over Pixar paying by stocks, which also made Steve Jobs the biggest share holder of Disney (about 5%, if I remember correctly)