How to add your non-blogger blogs in your blogger profile?

If you look at your blogger profile, only the blogs that you started with blogger will be available. Lets see how to "trick" the system to have any other blog.

  • Login to blogger and create a dummy blog. Give it your blog name and any address. Eg: "My Thoughts!" "dummy12345"

  • Go to the Settings->Publishing of the blog

  • Click "Custom Domain" & then "Switch to Advanced Settings"

  • Give the URL of your blog there and click Save Settings.

I just linked this blog to my blogger profile. Have a look here.

Remember there is no validation done whether the address you mentioned there is a blog or if its a blog, whether you are a member/owner of that etc. So virtually you can have any URL there (except * Check where the "My Employer Blog!" links to :-P

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  1. Botch the Crab Says:

    Thanks! This is exactly the info I was looking for. :)