Go Digital !

I'm switching to a digiatal camera. Finally :-) When I decided to purchase a camera, I know it has to be an SLR. But the only "affordable" DSLR was  Canon's 300D. It was around $1000 and the exchange rates were close to 45.  I decided for a film camera. For 8k, Canon's K2 came to my rescue with a nice 28-90mm lens. I've been using it for years and taken nice snaps like these.

Many of them looks really good in photos, not-so-good in digital form (I should blame the scanners).

Now that the exchange rates are falling down below 40, the DSLRs are much more affordable and Ravi will be back from US in a month or so, I decided to switch to a digital Camera. The choice was simple. Canon's Digital Rebel XT. I purchased body only version so that I can reuse the lens that I already own.I would have gone for the XTi, but I was not ready to go pay $250 for extra 2 Mega pixel and bigger LCD. The camera has been delivered to Ravi and eagerly waiting for his arrival sometime in Jan.

In other unrelated news, Ravi also bought a MacBook. Then Dinesh, Jaiku. Surprising thing is none of these guys are hardcore Mac fans. All they wanted was some laptop for personal use and after analysing the options, they found the MacBook to be the better than Dell/Compaq. No, I didn't press any of them, I knew only after they decided. Mac penetration is increasing :-)

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    :-), still wiating to experience the mac, but did lot of ground works dozens&hours of you tube , reviews , read the complete book of john sculley ( A guy who fired steve, that book says lot about the initial mac team , more about steves phenomenal inspiration and demanding standards, ). I went to mac not becuase i hate windows( i am a PC guy!! ) , i just fall in love with the magic word steve :-).

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Welcome to the club. Hope you would love the experience