Finally ...

I know how much I love bike and enjoying traveling long distances. But now traveling within the city is become difficult for me, reason being my daughter. I was thinking that I should purchase a car sometime in next march, but then preponed it. I was looking for pre-owned cars, but the rates are too much. A 2002 model Wagon R costs me somewhere around 3 Lakhs + 2% commission to the broker. Its not worth it. So decided on a new car. I've booked a Wagon R today. The delivery will be only in the end of Jan/first week of Feb, but the waiting is worth enough because I'll get a 2008 model car with 2008 registration and still get a 20k discount which is available only till 31st Dec :-)

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Congrats. It is a great car. One of my friend is driving a Wagon R for the last 6 yrs and it still drives as if new.