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An aspiring Director: "I've always dreamed about directing a movie like 'Nayagan'. It was a flawless piece from Mani Rathnam. But after seeing Rama Narayanan's movie 'Durga', I thought 'Nayagan' was nowhere near this. My life time ambition is to direct a movie like 'Durga'.

An Computer Science Student: "My dream career would be something like Linus Torvalds's code - Linux. But after seeing Pranni's programs, I decided Pranni is my idol'.

If you were wondering what happened to them (or me), here is the news: Mumtaj, in a TV interview: 'I always thought that nothing would be better than 'Moondram Pirai' Sree Devi's character. It was my dream to do a role like that. But after Director Sir approached me with this story, I decided that this role is the best of the best. Sree Devi's character could not even compete with this. Its a dream fulfiled for me'.

PS: She was talking about her role in the latest super duper hit: Veerasaamy. :-(

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    enna kodumai saravanan ithu... bhoodam's (mumtaj) dream is to do role like moondram pirai sridevi-ya...enna kandravida ithu