Chennai News: `Bureau-puller’ is at it again

The Hindu is a decent daily that contains only the news that you would want. Unlike 'Times of India', there won't be any news if John Abraham vomited in a party or if Briney didn't wear her underwear during her flight travel. When I went to Chennai last weekend, there was a news item in Hindu about a local thief. I was surprised and pulled up some news from of the "unofficial sources" (My classmates' girl friend's dog's hair dresser's second wife's distant cousin). Here are the details.

This guy, lets name him x for now, has started this technique almost an year back. Within few months he has done so many thefts using the same technique. He is bold enough to leave his finger prints. The Police have no match for those prints in their database, so he is new to them. Once it went to a level, where every tuesday night, he would be at work. The police stepped up the night patrol. Once when the police patrol was 4 streets away and he was successful in escaping from the scene after opening a bureau.

The official count of the number of police people deployed on this case stands at 75, but my source claims that it would be somewhere above 350. Everynight they had patroling in many areas. If anyone found to be a suspect, they would take his fingerprints and demand him to show some id. The next morning the fingerprints will be compared with our great x's fingerprints. Still no use. But after all this, our man was silent for 2 months and then he strikes last friday.

So what is his technique? Check what The Hindu says:

Chennai News : `Bureau-puller' is at it again

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