Win XP in Tamil !!!!!!

During college days, when we were developing a programming language for Tamil, we were exploring the options to edit Tamil text in Windows 2k. It was not by default supported, but after selecting Indic language support and then enabling Tamil, we were able to keyin Tamil text. UI in Tamil was a different case. Althought support for local languages was there, there is no support for Windows UI in Tamil. I remember trying out Tamil UI in Linux. Official support from RedHat was available and few guys were doing the translations and creating a Tamil locale for Kde. It was an appreciable effort and it worked. (I remember that the RedHat version 7.x. Not sure of the status now). With XP things are better. Windows provides Tamil UI. I tried it yesterday Its coooooool I should say! Look at the screen shots:

Display Properties:

Wireless network properties:

Internet properties:

Connecting to Broadband:

Click here to download the Tamil language pack !

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  1. Krishna Says:

    Really Cool!