Win XP in Tamil - an update

With few days of experimenting with the Tamil LIP, I could see the following good things and bad things about it.

(*) It definitely looks good and different to see the OS in native language
(*) Sometimes its funny to look at the interface. Some samples: கணினி அவிழ்த்து விடு for Undock Computer, மூடு for Close etc.
(*) Now Firefox displays all tamil blogs properly !!! Hurray. Now it's really good to read இட்லி வடை with Firefox. I don't need IE for that. (BTW, I should have said about that site earlier itself. It has wonderful coverage for TamilNadu elections)
(*) Now I don't have to go to any website for creating Tamil text. Right away in this Blogger text box, I'm typing in தமிழ் !!!!!

(*) Sometimes its funny to look at the interface :-/
(*) The menus of standard windows apps will be displayed in தமிழ். So your favorite Alt+F, and S combination won't work for saving a file. Good thing is Ctrl+S would save you.
(*) There is no way to switch back to English interface. You have to uninstall the LIP to get back to English
(*) As a strange behavior, which I couldn't explain, Eclipse stopped working. The error was 'Can't create VM'. I used to load Eclipse with a Max Memory of 1.5 GB. Now I can't create a VM with that settings. But 1 GB works.
(*) If your co-worker sits and works in your machine and if he doesn't know Tamil, he is in trouble. Sometimes you too can be in trouble. Look at the control panel. Can you find the 'Regional Settings' or 'Display Settings' icon?

Despite these little troubles, I decided to keep it. Its cool :-) And as a last piece of info, you can install it only on a genuine pack of Windows. If you have a pirated copy of the OS, don't go for it.

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