How to become a 007?

I was chatting with Viv yesterday. He said that he has bought an mp3 player. Which one, I asked, hoping that he too might have joined the proud iPod owners club. But he said that he bought some Samsung player. The model number was YP-T8. I was browsing to find the features of it. Check Samsung's website. Samsung says that as King of Flash players. It has a big LCD screen (1.8 inch); it has a photo browser; it can play videos; it has an FM radio; it has a voice recorder; it has a text viewer; it has a game functionality; it can act as a USB host - means you can connect your camera or any other USB device and do a data transfer; ...

What the heck? At Rs. 15k, it gives you a complete set of entertainment devices as a single device with a whooping 20 hours of battery life. I know he likes 007 very much and often whistles the tunes when he was at technohut. But I never knew he has decided to become a bond with those next generation gadgets! Any luck with beautiful babes Viv? You are not a complete bond without few gals around you!

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