The roller coaster ride in my life

A lot of things has happened in my life and yeah, yeah, yeah, I've not written anything in my blog for months. As usual I'll be back in form with frequent updates till I give a pause again. Here I go with the updates in my life.

I consider the December 2005 as an important one in my life. First thing is that I got married, something I thought that is never going to happen in my life! When I was sending the marriage quotes in the Quote of the Day, I didn't have a slightest idea that the next month I'll get married! I really appreciate one quote in them - "Successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person". Thats exactly my story. Details will be posted in a separate blog entry.

Two days after my marriage, I attended an interview and had an offer. The day after that I put down my papers. Every time I think of putting my papers, something else will pull me back and mostly it will be the good work I'd get. Now there is nothing else like that so it was a pretty easy decision to do it. I wanted to relieve a little earlier before the notice period and it so happened. The day after I relieved, I attended another interview. I got that offer yesterday. With 99% probability, I'll be joining the second one the joining date in both the companies is Jan 30th. I'll be enjoying the vacation till then.

So all that happened. I got married, got settled in a house, I finally quit my job & enter a break and have two job offers. All this in a months time!

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