My Autograph

Think about Cheran's landmark movie Autograph. Four different gals at four different periods of life - school days, college days, during jobs and then after marriage. Mine is also similar, but the difference is all the four time periods, I had the same gal :-(

I've never revealed my love to my friends except few (and none of them knew who the gal was!). Even Ravi, who actually made this marriage happen, know her name only a week before the wedding. So almost everyone was shocked to know the news. Everybody who visit our house, will demand our love story. The story of our relationship is a pretty long one as it spans around one and a half decades. I'll try to keep short for this blog.

We were friends in during our school times. She is the sister of one of my close friends. She is also my sister's school mate and we all were in the tuition center. With same kind of thoughts and same kind of tastes it was not that hard for us to become good friends. It so happened that we ended up as classmates in our UG. Then we became so close. Only when final semester exams were over and then we parted, I had a feeling of missing her. Althrough the years, when she was near me, I didn't even think of anything other than friendship, but now my thoughts were little different - I wanted her to be with me for ever. I have no idea of how it got into my mind, or how she is going to react, if I tell it to her. But I know I can't keep it in me.

After a very long thought, I conveyed this message to her. The reaction was expected - she also missed me but can't be my better half, as we are from different caste our parents will not allow us to marry. It took a "while" to convince her to give a try with her parents. Then I talked with her dad and the result was negative. I decided to get rid of the thought. We still had contacts after that. During this time something strangely happened. At some point, we fell in love with each other. Again not sure of when it happened, and neither of us proposed nor said 'I love you'. It was pretty much implicit that both of us were in love. Its a wonderful feeling which can't be put in words, so excuse me.

Well, then after a long long way and after several "get lost" and "can't live without you" statements, we decided for a register marriage. It was meant to be a full stop for her parents search for a guy. After the marriage, she is supposed to go back home and wait till her parents change their mind. But it didn't work out that way. Plan B was executed. She came to Chennai with me. My parents accepted her long back, so they are all set for a traditional marriage now. This Jan 20th will be my second wedding day. Sadly enough its again with the same gal ;-)

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  1. Yadhvi Says:

    "Sadly enough, its again the same gal"....
    Am sure your wife is also cribbing about the fact!!
    btw, It is a very lucky few...who get to fall in love with just one and marry just that one.... and you should be proud of that!

  2. Prakash G.R. Says:

    Are you sure that she is the only one whom I fall in love with? or how are you very sure that there will be no more marriages in my life. Life is full of surprises. Lets see ....


  3. Explorer Says:

    Hey Prakash,
    just went thru this autograph. Its soo wonderful.As rightly pointed out by Yadhvi, its soo rare to marry the same person that one loves and once again hearty congrats to u on that.
    Hope u both keep falling in love with each other, eternally.