What's next - Answered:

In a previous blog I've said that I'll talk with the director get to know what I'll be doing. Nothing got changed. I was again mapped in the same project, which is quite a surprise for me. I've clearly said that if there is no new work coming, I'm not interested in working in this gui. No new work coming, still I was not moved to another module. Then the first option remained for me is to look into some other team. Murali suggested me a team where they were looking for 'people with spark'. But the trouble was its not java but .net. I thought for a while, and then accepted the interview. To my surprise, the interview was not much technical. I was given some puzzles to solve. I've not solved puzzles for a long time and I'm not very good in that. Surprisingly, I did clear the interview. After me clearing the interview, my director gave me more options and was willing to move into a different module. But it was a little late I guess. By the time, I was prepared for the move. Now the official process is over and I'll be shifting tomorrow to the new team. My new project is about voip over dsl. Check this. Although I've not assigned with any particular work, I'll be working to enhance the system and provide new features. The sad part is that my new seat is in the TNagar office and I've to commute into the city. The good part is so many shops around for food :-)

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