Movie: Anniyan

For a long time, I've not written a blog about a book or movie. Let me try to post more. This week was a Multiple Personality Disorder Movie week for me :-) Happen to watch 'Anniyan' in the weekend and 'Hide and Seek' during a weekday.

Anniyan is yet an another Sankar's movie. Every scene and every frame is crafted in a grand manner with perfection. Add Vikram's perfection to it. The movie is a real feast. Especially the songs. The first song 'kumari ...' was not a very good one, but the location and picturization makes it a very good one. The best visual treat is the 'randakka, randakka' song. Every frame is colorful to the lowest detail. For example, for the line 'tentu kottai interval muruke', Kamal, Rajini and other actors faces are drawn on the big rocks in the background. It would have at least taken 2 days to paint them and it is shown in the movie for 2 seconds.

Forget the rich presentation. The story line is very new to Tamil cinema. In like the 'connect the dots to get picture' section in some kids magazine. All along the movie, Sankar leaves some dots. Finally in the climax, he gives us the hint to start the drawing and ends the movie. Puzzled, if we think back and connect all the dots, you will see the real picture - Ambi is not having multiple personality disorder. He just acts like that so that he punish the people and to marry the gal he loves. I had lengthy arguments with my teammates and have to prove this theory. Only Dinesh got it before I said. Others were surprised by the hidden story line.

If you have watched this movie, think about the possibility of Ambi not having disorder and still you didn't get it, watch the movie again to get the dots.

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